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Project Detail

Empowering Youths and Persons with Disabilities for Climate Justice in Nepal

Nepal Water Conservation Foundation (NWCF) with support from the Global Green Grants Fund, implemented the "Empowerment of Climate Justice For All" project. Under its youth initiative called 'UNIFY Nepal ( United Nations International Federation of Youth for Water and Climate).  UN1FY the movement, was formed to serve as a support group to the processes and activities of the water and climate coalition and to ensure that youth are represented and engaged with the overall strategy and shared goals. The main purpose of the project was to empower individuals with disabilities as key actors in climate change adaptation , particularly in vulnerable communities. 

Project Duration: July 2023- February 2024

Major Activities:

Provincial Consultations 

Participation in COP 28 

National Policy Dialogue 


Global Recognition 

Policy Integration 

Grassroots Engagement 

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