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Save Water Preserve Environment

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Behind NWCF

Dipak Gyawali

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Ngamindra Dahal


Govinda Sharma Pokharel

Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Sanjay Adhikari


Manisha Subedi

Secretary General

Mr. Shiva Bisankhe


Ms. Jwala Pandey

Senior Research Fellow

Sudhindra Sharma

Executive Committee /Research Fellow

Tula Narayan Shah

Executive Committee/ Research Fellow

Bhumika Thapa

Research Fellow

Khetraj Dahal

Executive Committee/Research Fellow

Anu Dahal

Program Officer

Chandra Pandey

Senior Research Fellow

Chiranjibi Bhattarai

Senior Research Fellow

Umesh Balal Magar

Project Manager

Sujan Sharma

Finance Officer
About Us

Nepal Water Conservation Foundation was Founded in 1999 which is dedicated to promoting policies and knowledge related to water conservation. NWCF publishes a range of materials including books, the prestigious "Water Nepal" journal, and numerous research articles, serving as a vital resource hub for advancing understanding and discourse on water issues. NWCF actively contributes to policy dialogues such as the"Pani Satsang" and youth initiatives like UN1FY Nepal, fostering inclusive discussions and empowering the next generation of water stewards.

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